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The WILSON UNDERLINE plan is a versatile public space proposal that implements an adaptive, creative and tactical approach to place-making while partnering with local stakeholders, community groups and businesses to accommodate the desire for more dynamic community space in the neighborhood.

The vision of the WILSON UNDERLINE prioritizes flexibility. To accommodate the needs of local businesses and the CTA the space will initially function as gated parking during weekdays. On weekends, the space can be converted to a gathering space, providing creative programming and events to the community.

Shipping containers, adorned with local community artwork, will be repurposed as pop-up music stages and concession stands while serving a dual function as event storage, anchoring the space and allowing the WILSON UNDERLINE to transform for special events. In partnership with Uptown United and other local groups, weekend programming such as musical performances, poetry readings, open mic nights, etc will be part of a yearly schedule of events activating the public space while local coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries and breweries from the surrounding neighborhood will be regularly showcased.
(Red on the plan above)

Gathering space between the shipping containers will allow for movable seating, event lighting and vendor booths providing the community a space to come together, share a table, enjoy the music, good local food and get to know each other.
(Purple on the plan above)

The remainder of the space will support events as needed but will predominately serve as 10’x10′ vendor stalls when framers markets, art fairs, etc take place within the space.
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Existing parking surfaces, sidewalks and track support structures will be treated as art canvases with bright splashes of color and artwork to enliven the space and showcase it’s unique identity within Uptown.
(Orange on the plan above)